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Every year since 1994 a number of ex-senior rates from HMS/M Opportune have got together to celebrate the life and times living aboard an "O" class submarine and to remember the boat and all who sailed in her. The meetings are held in different geographical locations each year, location being decided by the host for that year. We have been to several areas in the UK and also to two locations abroad, Gibraltar and Malta respectively.

Each year we hold a mess meeting, these meetings can be lively but we do strive to make them quick so that the business in hand may commence.(Drinking.... of course not to excess!!) The meeting will discuss such things as reunion arrangements, who will host the following year, location and AOB.

Submarine at Sea

Entitlement to attend the reunions has changed several times over the years, however, we have tried to open the meeting to as many people as possible whilst still retaining the uniqueness of the event. The current stance is that the reunion may be attended by any ex senior rate of the opportune no matter when they served. It was agreed at the 2009 reunion that all mess members may bring guests, however, only men are allowed to the Saturday dinner time mess meeting.

Although our reunion is a unique event it is not in any way meant to be a replacement for other submarine related reunions, indeed by its own rules of entitlement to attend the functions it has a limited future. Many of Opportunes senior rates attend other functions and our intention is to advertise and promote your reunions throughout the submarine fraternity allowing as many people as possible to enjoy and relive the "Esprit De Corps" enjoyed by us all..

Finally we would like to thank you for looking at our website and if you are an ex Opportune Senior rate and wish to attend the reunions please contact us for details. You will be most welcome.